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Do I get to keep my website if I cancel my Jottful subscription? Can I move it to a new hosting provider?

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No, if you cancel your Jottful subscription, you will need to build yourself a new website on a new platform. You cannot just "move" it to a new hosting provider.

That's because your website was built on Jottful's platform (aka: "content management system") using Jottful's copyrighted and proprietary code. This is typical and it would be the same if you'd built your website on Wix, Squarespace, or other platforms. 


What you own

You own the copyright for the text that appears on your website and any images you provided to us. So, if you request it at the time you cancel your subscription, we can put your text and images into a folder and send it to you so you can use it to build a new website on a different platform.

Jottful's copyrights

Jottful owns the copyright for the website's code, including the CSS that controls the overall design look and feel. You can learn more about Jottful's copyright in the Master Service Agreement that governs our relationship.

Did you know? Your Jottful subscription gets you SO MUCH more than just website hosting.

With Jottful, you get everything you need to keep your website up-to-date. That includes:

  1. Access to our "Magical Editor" software so you can make text and image changes any time you want.
  2. Access to our Support team so we can make structural changes for you. You never pay an hourly fee for this help. Common support requests include: adding something to a page; moving stuff around; integrating other software; and adding tracking pixels if you do advertising. Our Support team can be reached here and typically responds to requests within one business day.
  3. All the technical stuff so you never have to worry about it. That includes:
    • Providing your website hosting (which is required so your website is available on the web)
    • Registering and renewing your security certificate (which is important to protect your website's visitors and also is prioritized by search engines)
    • Monitoring your website's uptime (we test your website every five minutes and, if there's ever a problem, we're the ones who fix it — not you)
    • Constant upgrading of your website's technical capabilities by our engineers (so it loads quickly and looks great on all types of devices, including new mobile devices as they come out)
    • Tracking your website visitor stats (you get an email each month with this insight)

Do you have more questions about your Jottful subscription?

We're here to help! Please contact our Support team any time. We want to make you successful!

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Written by Dawn Verbrigghe
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