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What is NOT included in my website subscription?

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Your Jottful website subscription includes a lot, but not everything. Learn what IS included in your website here >

That said, here's what your Jottful website subscription doesn't include: 


Custom design work

We build your website using the content you provide. We are not able to do custom graphic design such as making a logo, manipulating or editing photos, or creating specialty graphics. If you would like some custom graphic designs created for you, we are happy to refer you to a Jottful Community member. 

SEO consulting

We don't perform keyword analyses, write SEO-focused text, or make sure you're included in all the important directories for your industry. That kind of work is often performed by an SEO professional. We make a lot of referrals to SEO professionals in our Jottful Community and we'd be happy to make a referral for you, too.

Alternatively, you can do your own SEO work. You can learn more about how to optimize your website for search engines here: How can I improve my SEO (search engine optimization)?

You can learn more about how your Jottful website is "SEO ready" here: Does my website include SEO (is it "optimized" so search engines can find it)?


We may help prepare a first draft of some of the content on your website, including with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). We'll never know your business better than you do, though. So it's your responsibility to review this content to ensure its completeness and accuracy. We are not copywriters but we do have dozens of copywriters in Jottful Community. They are located all over the U.S. and many of them specialize by industry. We are happy to make a referral.

Setting up your other software.

We can suggest other software tools you might use, such as software for email marketing, appointment booking, membership management, payments, etc. If you like, we may also be able to connect you with people who can set up those software applications for you. We don't set up that software ourselves. 

Domain registration

All internet domain names must be purchased through a domain registrar. Some of our customers already have domain names when they begin working with us, others do not. For your convenience, we can take care of registering and/or renewing your domain for you here at Jottful.

You can learn more here: What are the benefits of maintaining your domain with Jottful?

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Written by Vanessa Marchant
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