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What is included in my website subscription?

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Here's a list of the features and services included in your Jottful website subscription:


1. Access to our "Magical Editor" software — so you can make updates quickly & easily

With Jottful's software, you can:

  • Change your text and images. Make text or image edits in an instant. No need to wait! Our Magical Editor was designed to be super simple, even if you're not comfortable with other marketing technology. 

  • Manage your subscription and billing. Easily update your payment method or change your subscription.
  • Update your business hours and address. When you change your hours of operation or street address, our software will automatically update it throughout your website. You only have to make the change once!

  • Highlight important news and events. You can add or remove an "alert bar" at the top of your website so you can showcase important information prominently on your website.

  • Improve your SEO. Ready to take your SEO to the next level by optimizing your content for search engines? Learn how to update your website's content for SEO >

  • See your website stats. View an expanded version of the report we email to you each month (learn more below).

Log in to edit your website now >


2. Real humans you can reach out to — and that are eager to help

We don't leave you stranded in a sea of help desk articles or charge you every time you need a little assistance.

You can always contact real (and friendly!) humans at Jottful. And you can reach us in whatever way is most convenient for you, including: 

We can help you:

  • Add new pages or sections to your website. Launching a new service, hosting an event, or increasing the size of your team? Let's chat and help you figure out how to promote these things effectively on your website!

  • Figure out what marketing tools and software you may need. Thinking about adding online ordering, appointment booking, event registration, or email newsletter signup to your website? We can help you pick the marketing tools that are best for what you want to do — or connect you with a Jottful Community member who can assist. We can also integrate marketing tools and software with your website.

  • Add tracking tags to your website. We can add tracking tags and pixels for tools such Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Ads and more. Just let us know what you need added. 

If you're unable to reach us right away, please leave a message. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. 


3. Personal referrals to marketing professionals

We’ve built a nationwide network called Jottful Community that includes 1300+ professionals that specialize in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

We can make personal referrals for projects such as copywriting, SEO, logo design, and more. This is a very popular service. And, as a Jottful customer, it’s just included. Contact us so we can discuss your needs >


4. All the technical stuff

Relax, we got this for you. Jottful takes care of all the technical stuff, so you don't have to worry about it. This includes: 

  • Mobile responsiveness. Your website automatically adjusts for any screen size: laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. It does this seamlessly so you don't have to worry about it.

  • Built-in SEO readiness. Your website is “SEO-ready” — meaning it's technically structured in a way that makes it easy for search engines to understand it. This is the first step in having a website that is optimized for search engines. Learn more about how to improve your website's SEO >

  • Reliable website hosting (at no additional charge). Without hosting, no one would be able to see your website. If you'd chosen a designer or agency, you’d typically need to pay separately for hosting each month. With Jottful, it’s just included. 

  • Security (at no additional charge). We secure and renew a TLS (formerly SSL) security certificate for your website. TLS encrypts data sent over the internet. This keeps your information secure from eavesdroppers and hackers and helps ensure that sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card numbers, are safe. What's more, having a secure website helps it show up more prominently in search-engine results.

  • Software updates and backups (at no additional charge). If you'd hired a designer or agency, you'd be paying them hourly to fix technical problems as they arise. Designers and agencies very often build their websites using software called WordPress. With this software, frequent updates of the underlying code and all plugins will be required (oh, and you may need to pay a fee just to use the plugins, too). Updates can be tricky because a plugin may not be compatible with a new version of the software — and then the plugin will fail, which can cause critical pieces of your website to stop working (such as your lead-generation form). But not updating your website exposes it to hackers. With Jottful, all this maintenance (and peace of mind!) is just included.

  • Outage monitoring. We perform a check every few minutes to ensure your website is still online. As a result, if there's ever an outage, we're usually the first to know and we immediately get to work to resolve it. 

  • Anti-spam monitoring.Spammers work hard to attack websites all the time. Though it's impossible to eliminate spam, we've put in a number of systems to reduce the amount of spam you receive from the contact forms on your website. Learn more about our anti-spam efforts here >  

5. Monthly website reporting

Each month, we'll send you an email with your website stats. We make your stats easy to read by providing only the most important information, in simple style. Short, sweet, helpful... and included with your subscription.

Your monthly email may tell you:

  • The number of visitors who came to your website
  • Your top pages that were visited
  • The top traffic sources where visitors came from
  • Which devices people are using to view your website
  • Whether your website experienced any downtime 

Exactly what stats you receive may vary depending on what Jottful subscription plan you're on. Learn more about our monthly reporting here >

If you want more detailed analytics (e.g., if you're running marketing campaigns or working with a marketer), we suggest you set up Google Analytics. We can add a Google Analytics tag to your website. 


6. Customer-only training sessions

We’re committed to your success. So we run optional training sessions to help you improve your business’s marketing. Popular topics include: SEO, your Google listing, and website benchmarks. 


7. A gift to give & a treat to keep

Do you know a small busines owner who could benefit from a do-it-together website from Jottful? If you refer them to Jottful and they become a customer: 

  • We'll give them one month of Jottful free — it's a gift from you!
  • We'll send you a $200 gift card

And, yes, you can do this over and over and over and over... 

Learn more and make a referral here >


What is NOT included

For details on what your subscription does not include, check out this article: What is NOT included in my website subscription?

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Written by Vanessa Marchant
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