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How do I add appointment booking to my website?

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Website software (e.g., Jottful) and appointment-booking software are not the same thing.

To make it possible for your website visitors to book appointments with you, you'll need both.


STEP 1: Choose which appointment-booking software you'll use.

Since you're already working with Jottful for your website software (smart decision!) you now just need to choose what appointment-booking software you'd like to use. 

Jottful can work with most appointment-booking software. There are many companies that make appointment-booking software that can be added to a website. Several of them offer a free version you can use. Jottful can work with nearly all of these companies. Here are our recommendations >


STEP 2: Set up your appointment-booking software.

You will need to set up your appointment-booking software. You can either do this yourself or ask us to recommend someone from our Jottful Community who you can hire to help you. 

Typically, setting up appointment-booking software includes: 

  1. Creating an account
  2. Adding your payment method, if the software is not free
  3. Setting up the types of appointments you'd like to offer (e.g., "30-minute consultation," "60-minute massage," etc.)
  4. Telling the software when you want to accept appointments (days of the week, hours of the day) — and optionally connecting the software with your calendar so it knows when you're already booked

Depending on how your business works, you may also need to: 

  1. Connect the software to your bank account if you want to charge people to book appointments with you
  2. Set up recurring appointments for people who will meet with you on a regular schedule
  3. Set up group appointments so multiple people can attend an appointment with you
  4. Set up team scheduling so multiple employees at your company can accept an incoming appointment


STEP 3: Ask Jottful to add appointment booking to your website.

Once your appointment-booking software is all set up, Jottful can connect it to your website. Then your visitors will be able to schedule appointments right on your website!

Just contact us and let us know you're ready to add appointment booking to your website. 


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Written by Dawn Verbrigghe
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