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Why didn't I get my website analytics email from Jottful this month?

2 mins read

If you didn't get your monthly website analytics (stats) email from Jottful, it's probably for one of these two reasons:

1. Your website just launched in the past month.

We need to collect a full month of data. So you won't receive an email until next month.

2. We sent the email to one of your other email addresses.

When you go to edit your Jottful website, you log in with your email address. We send the monthly analytics emails to this same email address. Please check that email account instead.

  • Not sure which email account you use? Contact us at Be sure to tell us your website address (domain name) so we can easily look up your account.
  • Want to use a different email address to both log into your website and receive your monthly analytics emails? Ask us to make the change by sending an email to


If neither of these apply, then search in your email account: 

Search for one of these:

  • Jottful Insights (this is the Sender's name)
  • Your monthly website stats (this is part of the Subject line)

The email might not be in your Inbox:

  • Sometimes, these emails go to a Spam or Junk folder.
  • If you have Gmail, then check your Social and Promotions folders. 

Once you find the email, be sure to indicate that you want these emails to come into your Inbox each month instead.

Want to see real-time analytics data from your website? Sign up for a free Google Analytics account. Learn more here: How can I add Google Analytics to my website?

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Written by Vanessa Marchant
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