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What is an "overhaul" of my website – and how much does it cost?

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Sometimes your website just needs an overhaul.

What is a website "overhaul"?

An overhaul is major refresh or rebuild of your website. You know it's an overhaul if: 
  1. You can't make the changes yourself using Jottful's Editor
  2. You're asking Jottful to do more than just add one or two things to a page
  3. You're submitting multiple support requests in a month

Why do businesses sometimes get an overhaul? 

You may need a website overhaul because: 

  • Your company brand has changed (name, colors, logo, etc.)
  • You've changed your business model
  • You're now serving different customers or clients
  • You just want to shake things up and change the look and feel of your website
We applaud your business's continued growth and we're here to help you overhaul your website.

There is an additional charge for overhauls.

Website overhauls are not included in your subscription. This is because, as you might imagine, overhauls can be very time-consuming for us. They typically require us to completely rebuild pages, often taking as much time as the initial build. Nonetheless, we charge much less for overhauls than we do for initial builds.

You can see our pricing for overhauls here > 


How do I request an overhaul? 

Ready to get started? To request an overhaul, simply contact Jottful Support and we'll get on it!
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Written by Dawn Verbrigghe
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