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Google Search Console says I have "mobile usability issues." What should I do?

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If you use Google Search Console, you may receive a notification or email saying they have detected mobile usability issues.

Typically, the issues identified refer to small font size, clickable elements being too close together, or something similar that could make your website more difficult to read or navigate on small devices.

As a Jottful customer, your website is built on a Jottful Style. We test all our Styles for mobile usability before we make them available.

As a result, we've found that mobile usability issues tend to be caused by third-party software that has been added to the website.

For example, some calendar appointment-setting or email sign-up widgets include small text that reads, "Powered by X." This text is often too small to be legible on a mobile device. As the website owner, we doubt you'd consider this to be a problem, but Google Search Console will flag it.

Similarly, sometimes these widgets float over the content on the web page itself. This is rarely a problem for the user because they can either scroll the page or close out of the widget. Nonetheless, Google Search Console will flag this, too.

If Google Search Console identifies mobile usability issues on your website, please: 

  1. Review your website on a mobile phone to see if there is anything you feel is problematic. 
  2. If you find something you think could be better and it is not controlled by third-party software, such as a widget, send an email to, detailing your specific concern. We will then review it and get back to you.
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Written by Dawn Verbrigghe
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