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Why can't I see my newly launched website in search engine results?

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If you have published your website and it is not appearing in search results, make sure to check the following:

1: Confirm that your website been indexed

Indexing is when a search engine crawls your website to gather important information, such as your site's titles, descriptions, and keywords. Once the relevant information is processed it gets added to the search engine's searchable index.

To see if your site has been indexed by search engines, enter 'site:' into the address bar at the top of your page, followed by the URL of your domain, without any spaces.

For example, The results of this search show all the indexed pages of your site. If no pages appear, your site has not yet been indexed. It's important to note that it can take up to three months for Google and other search engines to index your site. If your site hasn't been indexed, it might be because the search engine has not reached your site yet. 
Note: Search engines can only crawl your site's published content. Therefore, always make sure to publish your site after making any changes or edits.

2: Optimize your website content for search engines

If your site has been indexed by search engines but you do not see it in the search results, it may be because it does not rank high for its keywords. When someone performs a search, Google and other search engines try to show them the most relevant information according to the keywords that were entered.

If you want your site to appear in the first pages of search engine results, you must show Google that your pages answer peoples' questions. In other words, you must prove that your site is just what people are looking for. To do so, you must optimize your site for SEO.

This is the process of building your site's content so that it ranks highly in search engine results. Click here to learn more about optimizing your site's content for SEO.

For further tips on getting your site found in search engines read our SEO best practices.

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Written by Dawn Verbrigghe
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