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Should I choose a horizontal or vertical logo for my website?

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When it comes to designing your website, the orientation of your logo can play a significant role in its impact.
Here’s why we recommend choosing a horizontal logo, especially for your website’s header:

Sleek and Tidy Look: Horizontal logos create a neat and polished appearance that blends seamlessly with your website’s design, giving it a professional and clutter-free look.

Fits Like a Glove in Headers: They snugly fit into the header space, leaving room for important elements like navigation menus.

Space-Savvy: Horizontal logos take up less vertical space, maximizing the use of available real estate in your header area for other important information.

Works Everywhere: Whether on a computer or a mobile device, horizontal logos maintain their impact and readability, ensuring your brand looks great across all platforms.

Horizontal logo vs Verticla Logo (2).png

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Written by Vanessa Marchant
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