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Does Jottful create custom logos?

2 mins read

One of the common questions we receive at Jottful is whether we create custom logos. While we don’t handle logo design directly, we’ve partnered with talented designers in our Jottful Community who can help!

Here’s Where to Start:

Carolyn Sehgal
First up, let’s introduce you to Carolyn Sehgal, a talented designer based in the US. Carolyn is not only skilled but also a pleasure to work with. She offers personalized consultations where you can discuss your ideas directly over the phone. Carolyn specializes in logo design, providing multiple design options and accommodating changes to ensure your logo is perfect. Additionally, she creates stunning graphics for social media banners. Her package, priced at $400, is well worth the investment for the quality and attention to detail she offers. You can reach out to Carolyn via email at

Jottful Community Profile

Callista Bond Creative
For a comprehensive branding experience, consider working with Callista Bond Creative. Callista specializes in logo design, company branding, taglines, business cards, print design, marketing, and advertising materials. She’s known for her exceptional work and produces beautiful results that capture the essence of your brand. You can contact Callista at to discuss your design needs.

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Angie Stranyak
Last but certainly not least, we have Angie Stranyak, a versatile designer with a wide range of skills and services. Angie can design for various mediums, including print, digital media, social media, reports, presentations, proposals, and even infographics. Her creativity and expertise ensure that your designs are both impactful and professional. Reach out to Angie via email at to explore your design possibilities.

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While Jottful doesn’t directly create logos, we’re here to connect you with talented designers who can bring your brand vision to life. Happy designing!

You can explore more options by browsing our Jottful Community here >

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Written by Vanessa Marchant
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