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How to add a hyperlink

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  1. Log in to your website (learn how >)
  2. Copy the link you wish to paste
  3. Navigate to the section where you want to add your link
  4. Paste your link
    Screenshot_2024-04-29_at_30607 PM.png
  5. Highlight your link
    Screenshot_2024-04-29_at_30920 PM.png
  6. Click on the chain icon
    Screenshot_2024-04-29_at_30944 PM.png
  7. Paste your link in the url section
    Screenshot_2024-04-29_at_31126 PM.png
  8. In the same box, click on the blue ‘Save’ button located at the bottom right corner
    Screenshot_2024-04-29_at_31240 PM.png
  9. Congratulations! You’ve successfully added your first hyperlink!
    Screenshot_2024-04-29_at_31352 PM.png

Extra tips:

Interested in using custom text instead of displaying the URL link?

Here’s a quick guide:

Follow the steps outlined above, but pause after step 9. Once you’ve pasted the URL link, navigate to the ‘Text to display’ box below and enter your custom text.

Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 3.27.39 PM.png

Click the ‘Save’ button
Screenshot_2024-04-29_at_31240 PM.png

Congratulations! You’ve successfully added your first custom text hyperlink!
Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 3.29.27 PM.png

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Written by Vanessa Marchant
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