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I got an email saying my website isn't ranking well and needs SEO. Is this spam?

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After your website launches, you will receive many, many, many emails from people who say they've reviewed your website and it is not performing well. They may tell you:

  • They are SEO experts
  • They've found errors on your website
  • They've checked your competitor's keywords and noticed your website isn't ranking well
  • They can help you show up on the first page of Google
  • They have a free report for you

These emails are (almost certainly) spam!

You can delete them.


Here's a typical example of one of these spam SEO emails: 



In fact, we can almost guarantee the sender hasn't even looked at your website — let alone reviewed its ranking. 

Improving your website's SEO

That being said, if you are interested in improving your website's SEO or you want to learn more about what SEO even is, you're in luck! Here's an article and video with more information.

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Written by Christine Pontois
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