How can I refer another business to Jottful?

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Do you know a small business owner who could benefit from a do-it-together website from Jottful?

If you refer them to Jottful and they become a customer: 

  • We'll give them one month of Jottful free. It's a gift from you!

  • We'll send you a $200 gift card about 90 days after they sign up

And, yes, you can do this over and over and over and over... 


How to make a referral

Feel free to make the connection however you prefer, such as:

  • Log into your website and click the Refer button, as shown here:
    Make a referral from Jottful.png
  • Introduce the business owner to any one of us by email (or just include
  • Fill out our customer referral form and we'll reach out to them. We'll let them know you made the connection.

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