Can I add an "alert bar" at the top of my website?

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Yes, you certainly can add an "alert bar" to your website!

Here's an example of what it might look like:

Why might you use an alert bar?

  • To communicate changes in your business hours, such as temporary closures
  • To promote an event
  • To highlight a new product or service

How can you add an alert bar to your website?

When you're logged into your website's editor, go the the "Edit Other" menu in the top-right corner, as shown here:


Click on "Alerts."

In the pop-up window (shown below), you can add or edit your alerts. You will also have the option to:

  • Set a start and end date for when you want your alert to show
  • Choose whether you want the alert to appear only on the homepage or on every page on your website 


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