How many people are visiting my website?

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You can find out how many people are visiting your website when you receive your monthly website stats email report.

All Jottful websites come with website stats reports containing information about:

  • The number of unique visitors who came to your website
  • Your top pages that were visited
  • The top traffic sources where visitors came from 
  • Which devices people are using to view your website
  • Whether your website experienced any downtime

If you have Jottful's Let's Go! Plan, you'll be able to see the top three stats for each category, whereas If you have a blog on your website, meaning you're part of the Grow or Pro plan your analytics will include a bit more detailed information (such as the top 10 pages on your site that were visited and the top 6 traffic sources).

Your first report will come straight to your inbox at the end of the first full month of data so, usually, about one month after you've launched.

Looking for more detailed tracking information? We suggest signing up for a Google Analytics account.

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